1, How does you ship your orders?
USA Domestic only.
We only ship from inside USA
Shipping with USPS priority 3 days.
(There is no customs clearance needed because all shipping is done inside USA)


 2, How much will delivery cost for me within USA ?

USPS shipping is free (USA Domestic)

It's free postage !

No cost to the customer at all!

Wow that's the best deal ever!


3, How long is the delivery time after payment received?
3-6 business days.
We send out our mail every days.


4, Signature required for orders in USA? Do you ship to PO boxes?
signature is not required!
Courier will drop your parcel directly at the address provided by you.


5, Do you send tracking number after shipping ?
Yes, we always send tracking numbers to our customers for all our orders and we check them on a regular basis throughout the day to make sure your shipping runs smooth.


6, Resend Policy
If your parcel is lost in transit, we will ship an identical parcel to you at no extra charge to you.
If you did not accept the package and it is returned to the sender we cannot reship this package as it won't be returned to us (we do not ship with real sender information on parcel) and the parcel will be lost and eventually destroyed.


We will not be responsible for any orders lost due to wrong shipping address given by the customer or failure to retrieve undelivered packages in post office. The return address on the packages is not valid, therefore packages will be deemed lost if unclaimed. 

It's the customers responsibility to collect the package and to make sure they are at the given location to accept the package from the courier. 

To prevent any misunderstandings or disputes, please email us for clarification if you are still uncertain of the shipment policies. 

We are more than happy to help with your requirements. 

Don't leave the package at the delivery address for over a few hours You should collect and remove it asap. 

 If you have any questions ,please contact: info@usdomship-hgh.com